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Tube Traction Bars
  • Tube Traction Bars

    Swanky Steel Traction Bars offer the best of both worlds. While maintaining the Swanky look our customers know and love, we also kept comfort in mind while thinking of a modified daily driver. Now there is no need to weigh out the pros and cons of a solid traction bar. With these you not only eliminate the dreaded axle wrap, but you maintain a comfortable ride through town thanks to our front pivoting system. The only tube style traction bar of its kind on the market.


    These kits are 100% bolt on, making your job easy no matter what level of garage/shop you’re working with, and YES hardware is also included.


    Swanky Bars are intended for off-road or show purposes only. Traction bars may or may not void a factory warranty in case of any damages. Swanky steel does not assume responsibility in any such case. Minor modification may be necessary for install including new U-bolts depending on the model of truck.(Square U-bolts are recommended with the axle mounts)

    • Color Choice

           Visit to view your color options.


      Base Color - This option includes any single stage basic color. Such as, Gloss Black, Texture Black, White, Red, Blue, Etc..

      Illusion Color - This option includes any of the "Illusion Series" Colors from prismatic. These colors are a 2 stage color, a base color + a metallic clear coat finish.

      Custom Color - Any color outside of your Primary colors and/or an illusion color would be a something we do not keep in stock and would need to specially order for your product. 

      Candy Colors tend to be more sensitive to scratching and are recomended for show purposes only.

      Texture Colors tend to be the most durable and hold up to road debris the best.