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7" Overlay Hood Stacks
  • 7" Overlay Hood Stacks

    Dare to be bold! While there is nothing wrong with a traditional style hood stack, Sometimes people just want….more. Try one of our overlay hood stacks to set your truck apart.

    Our overlay hood stack is 13” tall and comes with 3” of height adjustment. This way you can set your hood stack juuuust the way you like it.


    (Mounting rings included in order)

    • Color Choices

      Visit to view your color options.


      Base Color - This option includes any single stage basic color. Such as, Gloss Black, Texture Black, White, Red, Blue, Etc..

      Illusion Color - This option includes any of the "Illusion Series" Colors from prismatic. These colors are a 2 stage color, a base color + a metallic clear coat finish.

      Custom Color - In order to help with production lead times, we are not offering custom colors at this time. Once we have a sizeable inventory built up and zero back-orders, we will re-consider this option as we know it has been very popular.  For now, please contact your local powdercoater about custom colors and order our product in "Raw" form for the quickest turnaround times. Thank you for understanding. 

      Texture Colors tend to be the most durable and hold up to road debris the best.